Request Bot

A Slack bot for requesting the approval of important forms

Minimize time spent on filling out forms
and chasing after the responsible people

How it works

You'll be up and running in no time!

1. Define your workflow or request

You login to our web app and define your form (say a budget request or a vacation request). You tell us what fields need to be filled out, what they should be, and we'll turn it into a snazzy modal directly in Slack!

2. Choose who decides things

Fill out which people get to decide about this request simply by tagging the people with their username. Once a request is filled out it gets sent to the right person(s). You may also have multiple layers of approval. This way HR can handle human things and your CFO can handle money things.

3. Enjoy less complicated processes

And that's all! Now when your team needs to request something they can fill out a quick and easy form. The responsible people will receive all the data they need and can make decisions immediately. No more fussy paperwork and chasing people around the hallways.